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2021-05-23 15:02:33 Revolution Darkwater

Consider this a lorem ipsum text. It's just mumbojumbo. Australian metalcore group Parkway Drive return from the raw production of their controversial 2010 album Deep Blue with the more adventurous and nuanced follow-up, Atlas. Some fans and critics squabbled over Deep Blue’s intent and production. The songs trudged on full-bore for most of the record’s duration, relying heavily on chunky breakdowns and production so guitar-centric it obscured a lot of finer sonic points completely.

2021-05-01 00:08:55 Aguywithalongname Revolution Darkwater

Liked the album.

2021-04-27 11:01:11 Revolution Darkwater

Added the album to his favorites.

2021-04-23 09:17:49 Isaac Tudor Elfaljuska

Fuck yeaaaaah! This IS HEAVY!!!!

2021-05-23 15:02:33 Ali John

Hailing from the hippie-loving beachfront town of Byron Bay, Australia, metalcore outfit Parkway Drive blasted out of their serene surroundings touting a volatile blend of intricate metal riffing, punishing breakdowns, and hardcore’s emotional tension.